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Bothands Foundation, Inc.

A private foundation dedicated to providing housing and economic development through three key main programs

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Bothands Foundation, Inc. is a private foundation that aims to provide housing and economic development through our three key programs:

Building affordable housing.

Investing in small- to medium-sized companies that promote affordable housing.

Supporting workforce development through education.

We grant investments to people in need of housing and provide technical assistance, financial support through grants, and guidance with our grantee’s future finances.

We are a future-ready foundation that brings in real estate management, real estate investment, and workforce training together with our affiliate, First Service Residential Inc., within the country and to other places worldwide, as well.


The Bothands Foundation’s goal is to uplift the health, safety, and welfare of people in their homes by providing quality and affordable housing.

Who We Are

Bothands Foundation, Inc. was founded by a group of local philanthropists from the Capital Region area who wanted to address the extreme lack of quality and affordable housing within the area.

In conjunction with providing this vital support for affordable housing, we have been a regular contributor to various other organizations in Rensselaer County and around the Capital Region area. We have a firm belief that every person, no matter the background, deserves a place to call their home. This advocacy is doubly important to families. And our organization will continue to work tirelessly to help people reach this goal.

Aside from grants and bringing families closer to their dream homes, we also publish information about making the most of the opportunity of investing in housing.

A Reason to Invest in Real Estate Today

A large investment like real estate is not an easy decision to make. But the risk of investing can be advantageous, as well. So take a chance and secure a good future with a property of your own.

Real estate is a continuously profiting industry. So invest in a rental property to increase your income in the future. This method can guarantee your financial security over the next few years.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Despite the larger investment, long-term incoming cash flow can help support mortgage payments and put food on the table. This gives you greater financial flexibility because real estate assets are a secure business. From here on out, you can resist the rising inflation percentages. And it is all thanks to the rental income from your real estate properties as they increase with prices, keeping costs within the margin of growing revenues.

Debunking Common Myths of the Real Estate Industry

Over-saturated Market

With the bad news about the disadvantages of the real estate market, there is a constantly high demand for residential properties like homes and apartments. The trends (and logic) show that there will be fewer properties a few years down the line, so the best time to invest in real estate is now.

High Risk, Low Reward

Many believe that real estate investments are risky. Especially for residential investments, there are more emotions involved because you deal with families and not corporations. But fear not, proper background and people skills can help avoid these issues. Follow the advice of real estate veterans, and you will be well on your way to becoming an expert yourself.

Strike the Iron While it’s Hot!

With a little bit of a background in real estate, we know that your interest is piqued. And guess what? We can offer more information about real estate on our website.

Walk into this world of real estate with us and find success in investing in your real estate business. And hopefully, grant others the home of their dreams.

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